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Supply Chain

Supply Chain

Denne has a comprehensive Supply Chain Management Strategy.  We work collaboratively with our supply chain to deliver high quality, which are value for money and on time.

We involve our trade contractors at an early stage in the development of the detailed design and project programming.  This approach enables us to:

  • Reduce risk with regards to cost and programme
  • Create a greater level of commitment from the team
  • Share and develop knowledge, ideas and innovation
  • Develop a joint approach to problem solving
  • Reduce defects

Selecting and monitoring trade contractors

We categorise our trade contractors as Approved, Preferred or Dedicated.  In order to asses a trade contractors status we have developed a rigorous process in selecting our trade contractors in terms of their:

  • Past performance
  • Resource availability to undertake the work
  • Health and Safety Record
  • Price Competitiveness

Once appointed we measure and monitor the performance throughout our supply chain partners via monthly contract review meetings to ensure that they meet our standards. Our continuous involvement and monitoring of our supply chain helps us develop and improve the way we work with them to ensure that we exceed our client's and customer's expectations.

Framework and Preferred Trade Contractor Agreements

We have established formal framework agreements with our top performing trade contractors.  This has been achieved through developing the understanding of our project teams about supply chain matters and exploring how supply chain management can be continuously improved.

Framework Agreements include terms and conditions that set out obligations of both Denne and the trade contractor, obligations centred around Tender Assistance Services, Resource Management and availability, Environment and professionalism, Collaborative working and conduct, Performance Measurement and review.  The framework agreements have also helped to streamline contractual arrangements for individual projects.